About me

Dr Priyanka Naidu is the founder of The Wellbeing Designer. Her passion lies in supporting people to embrace courage, confidence, and authenticity to live boldly, and uniquely as themselves.

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Dr Priyanka Naidu smiling to camera

Dr Priyanka Naidu

Through her research, teaching, and resource development, she strives to raise awareness about tools and strategies that improve mental health and overall wellbeing. She believes everyone deserves to lead a fulfilling and authentic life, and wants to support others to build the knowledge and tools to support their journey.

Driven by her own experiences with social anxiety, particularly when she was young, she is driven to provide the support she wished she had at an earlier age. Learning how healthy habits support the mind, managing overwhelming emotions, and challenging unhelpful thoughts has supported her mental health, confidence and resilience.

Dr Priyanka Naidu and her team at Mettlesome
Dr Priyanka Naidu's Day by Day Wellbeing Journal

Her work

She runs Confidence and Resilience Building Workshops for young people, 1:1 coaching sessions and mental health workshops.

She also works as a Wellbeing Designer at Mettlesome, where they tackle the world's gnarliest social problems with innovative and human-centred solutions. Her projects at Mettlesome include Project Lead of Dala Health, and Wellbeing Designer of Museum of Sticks & Stones, amongst others.

Her previous work includes lecturing, and tutoring in various undergraduate psychology courses. From social and cognitive psychology to sports psychology, and research methods and statistics. Through her research, she has explored questions covering domains such as social, cognitive, and environmental psychology. This expertise allows her to bring evidence-based practices into her teaching and workshops.

My values

Embracing Core Values: My guiding principles for an authentic and meaningful journey of self-discovery.

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Feel good

In everything I do, I want to be generating positive emotions and fostering a sense of wellbeing.

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My ultimate goal is to ignite motivation and positive energy to uplift individuals.

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Ensuring information, resources, and support are easily obtainable and available to all.

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Building credibility and fostering confidence with evidence based information and guidance.

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Offering actionable and realistic advice that can be applied effectively in everyday life.

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Encouraging innovative and imaginative approaches to problem-solving and personal growth.