June 7, 2024

Which identities no longer serve you?

There are times when the identities we assign ourselves limit us from achieving our potential. Try this exercise to uncover what’s holding you back.

Dr Priyanka Naidu
Which identities no longer serve you?

✨ 1. Write down or reflect on the areas where you believe you aren’t good at or capable of something.

These are self-limiting beliefs - i.e. the beliefs about ourselves that hold us back from our potential.

For example, I am someone who:

  • doesn't exercise, lift weights, run
  • Isn’t patient or creative
  • Can’t cook
  • doesn’t journal, meditate
  • can’t remember people’s names

In fact, all of these are skills that can be developed with practise.

Limitations are often self-imposed. For example, if someone identifies as being “bad at math” due to their expectations about themselves, past experiences or societal labels, they may develop self-limiting beliefs about their ability to succeed in maths.

I’ve seen this many times when tutoring uni stats courses in psychology. A hurdle to doing well can often be our own beliefs that we aren’t smart/capable/skilled enough.

✨ 2. Write down the identities you want to possess - this can be tied to your goals, or the kind of person you want to be.

For example:

  • I am someone who exercises
  • I am someone who practises self-care
  • I am a mindful eater
  • I am someone that learns new skills
  • I am someone who is brave

When a self-limiting belief arises, acknowledge it as just that - a belief - it’s not an absolute truth. Recognise that our beliefs about ourselves can sometimes hinder our potential. So, transform a limiting belief into a statement of the person you are becoming.