Confidence Building Activity Cards
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Confidence Building Activity Cards

Introducing the Confidence Building Activity Cards to unlock your inner strength.

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Product description

These activity cards are a valuable resource aimed at bolstering your confidence and resilience toolkit.

Each card holds a unique activity, designed to:

  • Appreciate your strengths: discover and celebrate your unique qualities that make you, you!
  • Cultivate helpful thoughts
  • Embrace healthy habits: practice routines that nourish your mind and body, promoting overall wellbeing.
  • Step out of your comfort zone: the ultimate antidote to fear is taking action!

With a total of 36 activity cards, each task is premised in psychological approaches to building confidence, such as stress inoculation training and cognitive behaviour therapy. These activities expose you to manageable doses of anxiety, allowing you to gradually conquer fears and anxieties through consistent practice. Furthermore, activities support compassionate self-talk to combat low confidence and self-esteem by learning to speak to yourself with kindness, fostering a positive self-image.

How to Embrace the Cards:

Use these activity cards as frequently as you desire, either on a daily or weekly basis. One idea is to begin your week by selecting a card on Sunday, and plan when to complete the activity during the week.

Once you've completed the entire deck, embark on the journey once more and witness the growth and progress you've made. Building skills takes time and repeated practice, and these activity cards are designed to be used multiple times to continuously reinforce and strengthen your confidence.

Additional Info

· 36 activity cards in each deck

· A7 size – 74mm x 105mm

· Professionally printed with laminate, matte finish and rounded corners

· Proudly designed and made in Australia


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